Looking at the History of this great nation, the Native American Indians are a huge part of this country’s heritage.

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The traditional apparel was crafted from natural resources found in the areas where each tribe lived.  To honor the various Indian tribes, many people like to dress up in beautiful traditional Indian Costumes.

These costumes are worn for parties, school events and during Holiday festivities like Thanksgiving and Halloween.

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Native American Indian costumes are very popular.  There are so many different styles to choose from.  The clothing is very comfortable and available in every size and style for toddlers, children, teens, boys, girls, adult men and women.  Even plus sizes are available in these colorful outfits.

If you dream of dressing up in a Native American, here are some of my favorite Indian Costumes and accessories.

Indian Warbonnets

Headdresses were worn by the Plains Indians. The feathered war bonnets were considered magical and considered highly symbolic and worn on special occasions.

The finest bonnets were completed with feathers, many from eagles. The Indians considered the eagle one of the most powerful birds. It was believed that the bonnet’s true value was in its power to protect the wearer.

The feathers for a warrior’s warbonnet were difficult to earn and told a story of war and bravery. The warbonnet was earned through brave deeds in battle and the feathers identified the deeds themselves. The highly honored feathers in a Chief’s war bonnet represented his good deeds for his community. The bonnet was a mark of the highest respect among the people.

Children’s Indian Costumes

Children love to dress up in Native American Indian Costumes.   They are often worn in school plays and pagents during Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Indian Costumes are a number one choice for toddlers, children and teens.  What better costume to participate in the re-enactment of events during our early American history.

The term papoose refers to a Native American Indian child.  It also is used to describe the child carriers, also known as Cradle Boards.  The Cradle Board was designed to keep the baby secure and comfortable so the Mother could carry her baby on her back while working or traveling.

Indian Maiden Costumes

Probably the most famous Indian Maiden was Pocahontas. Women enjoy dressing up in Indian Maiden Costumes.

Did you know that her true name was Matoaka and Amonute.

Pocahontas was a childhood nickname referring to her frolicsome nature. The translation to English means “little wanton”. After she was baptised, Pocahontas was given the English name Rebecca. She was called Rebecca Rolfe by the English after her marriage.

Like so many early cultures, the American Indian passed on stories and folklore down through the generations through song and dance.

The song and dance related feats of bravery, hardship, myths and legends of their ancestors. The elaborate costumes and body paint used in the ceremonies were very beautiful and colorful.